Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday

It was Jazynthe's birthday yesturday and my little chicken turned 3.
She had a great day, spent most of it at Day Care so I sent her there with some lovely cupcakes. They were really well loved by the kids.
She woke and played in her room till I called out to her to come into our room. She ran in threw her arms into the air and said it's my birthday yay happy birthday cinta.
She got some clothes which I made still more to come as I have been feeling to sick with the flu to concentrate on doing a good job with them. She also got a fairy ornamant which we bought ages ago for her, a book to teach her the time. Also some rockin clothes we bought at Big W for her, still a bit big for her yet.
She requested Taco's for dinner and enjoyed them.
I can't believe my little girl is already three.

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