Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mothers Day and more surprises!

Last week I made my mum a pair of pot holders and a matching shopping bag holder. I did them in some lovely blue fabric. Took a bit of working out as I didn't really follow any pattern just winged it going on a basic size and idea. I decided it was a good idea to do them much larger than the standard size as I find the ones you buy in the shops sometimes are more of a pain and you can still accidently burn yourself. So did them up to finished size of 9" squares.
I also did a set for my MIL of which were a green and brown combination of fabrics.
My mothers day was lovely even though Brian was at work I got a semi decent sleep in....anything after 7.15am is good, Jazynthe came in to wake me about 7:30am after having found a shoping bag and filling it up with her tea set and chalk. She came in and said "Happy birthday Mothers Day Mummy, I went shoping and buy you some stuff" "I got you some cups and things".
We went to my Mum's for lunch, it's a bit chaotic there at the moment after they only moved house on Friday afternoon so the house is full of boxes etc.
On Monday I cam home from a horrible day at work to find a large package on my doorstep. it was from Millipede from EB quilters. Inside was a lovely book of Beatrix Potter Crafts. Lots of things inside I think I will tackle for bubs room. There were also 10 small soft Beatrix Potter dolls. They will be a welcome place in the new babies room once it's all set up.
Jazynthe has become really interested in helping people with just about anything. The other day whilst I was preparing dinner in the slow cooker I had the sink full of water, so I could wash the few things that got dirty. Jazynthe decided she would do the dishes for me. Then watched me prepare and throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker.

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