Saturday, 31 May 2008

18th Birthday and catch up blog!

Last Saturday was Skye's 18th (Brian's eldest). We went to the Lowenbrou at The Rocks for a lunch family get together. It was a lovely day and so good to finally see Skye after not seeing her since Boxing day. I made her a really rich chocolate cake which was sooooo yummy. As her present from us she got a diamond white gold necklace. Which was two hearts one inside the other. She has changed her hairstyle completly and it really suits her.
I've been busy knitting clothes for the baby. So far have knitted up pants, booties, hug me tight and a beenie at the moment I am knitting a jumper. Just need to sew them all up and this lot will be complete. I want to be able to knitt a few beenies,booties, pants, jumpers, cardigans and a blanket or two.
Today I managed to make Jazynthe a black cord skirt with a couple of applique butterfly patches.
I also started making something for myself for a change a bag with matching make up bag and purse. Iw ill hopefully get them completed tomorrow.
The baby is really starting to make its presence felt in my belly. My back by the end of the day is very sore and I feel so uncomfortable some days I just want to crash out on the couch. Thankfully only about 7 weeks to go.

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