Sunday, 2 January 2011

Summer Storms

I love hot sunny days of summer. I love them because the sun shines brightly down on you and you get to wear pretty dresses with thin straps ( or you can be nude and not feel cold), indulge in yummy summer fruits But what I love most on a summers day is a quick summer storm. If it's a nice one it brings enough to cool you down enough not to be sweating to stinkdom. I love standing out in the rain on a summers day and feeling the raindrops hit your warm skin. So refreshing.
Today I got to do just that stand out in summer rain as the thunder rumbled over hear. Pity I had to wait till I finished kneading my dough for my bread. I was out long enough to feel my dress to be ever so lightly dotted with drops of rain. Wish I had been able to be out there enough to be drenched.
Of to eat some yummy peaches!

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