Monday, 10 January 2011

I Love....

....... homemade Pavalova.

I was over waiting for my passionfruit to rippen up so decided to make my first pav. in ages. I usually love my pavalovas to be smothered in fresh passion fruit pulp. But given the weather I still would be in for a long wait for the passionfruit to be ready.
Anyway yesturday made one with just berries a little banana. So yummy I ate two slices.

Once the kids go to bed I'll be eating more......none for them tonight as dinner dramas has ment the yummy risotto I made has not been eaten. aaaarrrghhhhh over food being rejected, what happened to my kids who would eat anything. In the last couple of weeks Jazynthe has turned into that bratty child who will only eat sausages and pasta.

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mountainwildlife said...

Ah, those food fads are frustrating! My two reckon the ONLY soup they like is my pumpkin & sweet potato, til I made it yesterday then nope, they actually HATE pumpkin soup. grrrrr....

Pav looks great, I made my first ever this Xmas and was thrilled, it was fab! Must be our home-grown egg whites I reckon ;-)