Saturday, 20 November 2010

Big Changes

Big changes have been happening in my home. Of which have kept me from blogland....well the writting part anyway. I still have been keeping up on the blogs I have come to love to read.
A few weeks ago I made a BIG decision one that has been comming for a long time but I had held out hope that I would not need to do so. I split with my husband of 7yrs.
Over the years I have had to do a lot of fighting for the relationship of which I had had enough of doing. It's time I was able to be myself without the constant worry of how that would impact upon others.
It is a heart breaking moment but then again it is like I can breath again and feel content in making the decision. There are moments of absolute terror over the fact the 'family" is not the traditional family and me asking myself "oh my god what have I done" then I realise it's most definately for the best and we both can go repair ourselves and become happy with ourselves. Better do it like we have than become bitter people at one another which is not good when there are children involved. as DRr Phil says "children would rather come from a broken family than live in a broken home".
The children seem to be dealing with it rather well so well that Jazynthe rather confidently anounced in class that "my Dad has left our house but I still will get to see him" Fingers crossed she will remain this good about it and will continue to be the wonderful girl she is. Jaedyn is too young to understand what is going on and is used to Dad not being around for what would seem to him like long periods of time due to his job.


Bec Clarke said...

I am very sad to hear your news but I have to agree with Dr Phil. My parents divorced when I was 7 and my brother was 3. Both parents were very grown up about it and very civil in front of us and although it was hard at times on everyone as we didn't always understand we have in no way been affected by this. We are both normal, caring adults now who both have married and have children and plan on not making the same mistakes our parents did (hopefully).
I wish you all the best and hope that your future is bright from now on.

Kylie said...

Sorry to hear about your break up, but having come from a family where my parents should have split and didn't, I agree with Dr Phil and Bec. Jazythne and Jaedyn will continue to deal with it well as long as you and your ex keep them out of any of the nitty gritty. Many years of teaching (and therefore several marriage break ups unfortunately!) that the kids that coped best were the ones who were secure in the knowledge their parents loved and cared about them regardless of how they felt about each other.
Hope everything resettles for you soon and you can move forward with happiness and confidence.

Anonymous said...

*writing, *coming, *breathe, *definitely, *Dr