Sunday, 10 October 2010

Weekend antics

Over the weekend there was a bit of fun here in our household.
Yesturday was bit of a dreary day with pockets of times for outside play to be possible. The kids loved the idea of getting out on their bikes for a break from the cabin fever. They went down the bush with their Dad. This is where I really appreciate having the bush at our doorstep. The kids have a world of adventure when they go down there. Especially after there has been some rain as in a few little spots there are large puddles of water in which frogs lay their eggs. So the kids get to see tadpoles and little frogs a plenty after rain. another fun thing after the rain is puddles.

This time Jaedyn was in rather deep so his pants were rather soaked through. He had a ball in the puddle at the bottom of the drive. When it was time to come in he was very upset about it. Not a happy boy at all.

Then today whilst the kids went of to the indoor swim centre I got stuck in and cleaned a bit. Then went about baking.

First up was a Banana Cake. The recipe I got from Easy Baking from The Womens Weekly. I need to add the passionfruit icing yet. An easy one to bake.

Then onto the choc chip cookies. The jar was empty as of this morning so before school goes back tomorrow we definately needed it to be filled once more. I love these. They are the same ones as I did last week but this time no nuts seen as they are to be put into the school lunch box. The school very well though rule of a "No Nuts" policy is a good one given the high percentage of nut alergies these days. So I just add extra chocolate bits....makes them even more yummy. Whilst I had these going I also made some lemonade. Which is rather refreshing. Already half the batch I made is gone. In a few weeks I have a "Girls Night In" event which I will be part of so I think I might have a go at making a pink version for that.
Speaking of pink take a look at the hot pink play-doh I made today.

Been a little while since I made play-doh. I used to make the non-cooking one but have forgoten the recipe and could not find it. So lucky for me I have a store bought container of cream of tartar in the cupboard. I used to buy it in the food co-op but been such a while since going there and buying most of my dry goods.

The kids certainly appreciated getting some today to play with out in the brief sunshine period.

Apparently they were making cakes.

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