Sunday, 10 October 2010

Eat Pray Love

I just got back from a spontanious movie outing. Although the movie I saw was not so spontanious it was a spur of the moment decision to go watch it.
I was originally planning on seeing it last thursday but gave up on that idea within 24hrs of when i first made that plan. I then thought tuesday next week would be a better time. But earlier in the night as the kids were of to bed I decided to look online to see if a somewhat local theatre was showing it so I did not have to trvel all the way down the mountain on Tuesday. When I found it was already showing I made the instant decision on going to the late screening. Told my husband I might go, his response was OK that sounds good.
My instant realisation was "shit I stink best go shower" It was just before 8pm the movie was screening at 9:10pm.
Now I am not one to go see a movie before reading the book I have been meaning to get myself and read. but lets face it by the time I actually go to sit long enough on enough occasions to read from cover to cover the movie would have been out on DVD for some time.
It was kind of exilirating to go and see a movie upon such a spur of the moment decision. Mnay years ago when I was single and living in a rundown old home with one other person in Newtown who was hardly there, I used to go and watch movies weekly. Back then i would just go to the movie theatre on a Tuesday pick a random movie from the board, buy the ticket for the next session. Then I'd eaither just wander about if it was a short wait or go eat a meal if I had the time. so it was rather apt that it was this movie that I had chosen on such a whim.
Anyway the movie was not a fabulous movie but it was very enjoyable all the same. It had it's moments of tears, laughter and light bulb moments. Which i am sure are through the book also. It sure is a movie that not everyone will understand the point nor enjoy. I myself relate on some levels with some areas of the movie. except I can't just take of to the other side of the world. It is a movie to go see if you have the inclination to see a chick flick with a little message. The message may not be interpreted the same by everyone. I don't really understand why some reviewers have not like the movie at all. I myself think it was a good movie to watch as an escape and not have to think, or try to keep up with what is happening on the screen. yes it is about a woman being entirely selfish and indulgent but hey we all should do something self indulgent and selfish. Maybe not on the scale that Elizabeth Gilbert did when she went on this journey but we all should do something
Some of the picturesque scenes just make me long for travel to these regions. This is especially so from the perspective of visiting Rome and Tuscany. I have a dream of visiting Tuscany and learning Italian from the locals, learning true Italian cooking and of course just imersing myself in what the region has to offer. i'm not so sure on the visiting India part but i do wish to go to Indonesia. I love the food and also have a strong want to also go there and enjoy what there is. I have had many friends come back from there and talk so wonderfully of their visit. I also have a friend from this area shown in the movie and she talks of great beauty and love of her home. The pictures always leave an inprint in my brain.

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Alison said...

Hello, I also have just seen this movie, after reading the book about a year ago, while in Bali. I found the book trying at times because I did find it to be self indulgent, but I can understand at the same time. I did enjoy the film and the lovely scenery.

I have been to those countries and loved them all, they are very different from each other, but that's what's enjoyable about travel, being taken out of your comfort zone and discovering wonderful things. I do not find Bali to be the paradise that it was 20 years ago when I first was there, they call it progress, however I think it has lost a lot of it's charm.

I hope you get to do some exploring in those countries one day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back.