Tuesday, 19 October 2010

One happy girl

Jazynthe is such a happy girl now. It has been such a long time since she was able to run around the back yard and play with the chooks. She was out in the drizzling rain so happy. Jaedyn was out there too. At first he was a bit unsure looking about to see if he could see the rooster anywhere. Once he understood it was safe he went nuts. Totally loving calling after the chooks. He was running about yelling "chook chook chooky B" I have no clear understanding about the B part but he was yelling it over and over whilst chasing after Lara.

We did think Lara was being a broody hen as she had been sitting on eggs all day and refused to let us collect them. So we set about setting up somwhere for her to be on her own with them. Found an old council recycling box set that up with a spare nesting box and wood shavings. Went up collected her of the nest put her eggs in the new box put her in and proceded to take her to the laundry.She flew of and would not go back on the eggs. So looks like we were wrong.

She did stay like the above pic all day till we went to help her out and be on her own.

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