Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Green paradise in my back yard.

There is a green paradise developing in my back yard. What with alternating days of wet and gloom followed by warm and very sunny it's a recipe for a lush garden. Even more wonderful is the water saving your doing.....if only I could afford to install a water tank!


Climbing Beans
The vegie patches are certainly loving it and showing their gratitude by becoming full of lovely vegetable full areas. I love watching the way plants develop especially in weather cycles like the one we currently are in.
I can't wait to be able to harvest these lovelies and cook them up.


a variety of potato
I want to plant some Luffa and a few other things next.

The passionfruit vine
I however would love to know what is eating my sunflowers. I will be trying to see if a plastic half tube thing will work in saving what is left.
Jaedyn admiring the spinach

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