Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Convenience and leftovers

yesturday with it being the day before grocery shopping is done I was throwing together what was left in the fridge for dinner. This is especially an easier option when it is just myself and the kids at home for dinner. In the fridge was a bit of left over spag. Bol. sauce, bacon, carrots, limp but still ok celery. I chopped up the extras and threw them in the pan whilst I searched to see if there could be an added yummyness ....yep found the jar of olives so I chopped a handful of those up. Lucky also there was an opened Passatta bottle to add a little more moisture. Threw that all in and presto dinner for three hungry humans. Oh I also scrounged up the last of the dried pasta to make it a full meal.

Whilst doing all that I was in awe of another blog and had to bring the laptop into the kitchen so I could read and cook at the same time.....multi-tasking at it's best with the convenience of a laptop. I got my laptop as I was sick of waiting for hubby to be away from the computer for my blog surfing etc. But also loved the idea of being able to keep up with my social needs on the internet whilst anywhere I pleased.

Anyway I babble away! the blog I am currently loving is one about surviving on $120 a fortnight to feed a family of four. Hmmmm I couldn't do it this comming fortnight. Think I need to cut a few things for that. I'm hazarding a guess that the $120 does not include re-stocking pantry with much needed flours,oils,bread making ingredients, hair care etc etc. Plus when you drink a lot of soft drink it adds up. So I do aim to get it down to the $120 but I think it will be a matter for me slowly reducing costs down....which for this family with a child in night nappies, a mother who loves her chocolates and other treasures means going from nearly $400 at worst (and that was with deciding to treat the family to a wide range of yummy fruits like pawpaw)down to the $120.
You can find the blog here.....lots of awesome recipes.

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