Thursday, 15 July 2010

The passing of Shadow

It's taken a little time for me to get to this blog entry. Our loyal young dog passed away in the night nearly two weeks ago.

She was a loyal and lovely dog especially to Jazynthe. Jazynthe and shadow were best of friends and had been that way since jazynthe was born.
We got Shadow as a dog I rescued from the local paper. At first I was a little apprahensive of taking her when i found out the person who brought her around to our home was the friend of the owner. However as soon as I met her I changed my mind. I was about 6months pregnant with Jazynthe at the time. Shadow took to me straight away.

When she was let in at night for a brief time she would get up on the lounge rest her head on my swelling belly and drift of to sleep. Once Jazynthe was born Shadow would always stay near her. Once jazynthe could walk the two of them would always play with each other in the backyard and there was nothing the two enjoyed more than go bushwalking together.

We have no idea what happened to her but I do suspect she got a strain of Pavo virus even though she was up to date on her vacinations. The last few days of her life she was not interested in anything, we had planned on taking her to the vet on the Sunday.....I could not lift her myself and Brian was at work. She died in the night before. The poor thing!

She will be greatly missed by us all.


mountainwildlife said...

Oh Xena, I'm so sorry to hear that, its really sad. She looks like a beaut dog.

Apparently parvo is going around a lot again, I heard last week. We just took Tommy to the vet today for his shots and the vet said its raging in Lithgow.

Hope the kids are coping ok too with losing her.

Bec Clarke said...

We have a dog just like that here on the farm and she was also a rescue. She doesn't work the cattle or sheep very well but I would trust her with both Sam & Jess's lives.
I know how much we would all miss Sophie and I know that your hearts must all be breaking.

Desi said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. I hope the little lady is coping well too.

I did though drop by to tell you that if you did mail that giveaway off I never did get it. Just to let you know it may have been lost or such.

Nicole said...

sorry to hear about your beautiful girl, i know i would be lost without my Sally Girl.