Monday, 19 July 2010

My Boy is two

My little monkey boy turned two on Friday.....WOW two, who can believe that two years have passed since he was born? What a two years they have been!
His one amazing little boy longer a little baby but his becoming a full on boy with all the energy a boy could possibly have, which keeps me busy and on my toes.

He now climbs anything that he believes is climbable.
He is one little cheeky boy.
Full of love for his big sister especially.

Makes me laugh every single day.
Always is amazing me with the little things he does.
Has the most amazing smile and an infectious giggle.
Loves his snuggles with me after his bath before he goes of to bed.
Now loves to play all sorts of games with his big sister.
Loves trains, cars, trucks and buses.

Has a thing for hats and shoes....he can not start the day without shoes on and can not leave the house without a hat on.

On Friday we gave him a little train which he has played with everyday since.  We also gave him a drum, and a drink bottle which I purchased from Everything Boys.

For dinner I cooked up his favourite of Pizza. Then for dessert was a basic cake. He was thrilled with his cake especially his green icing with sprinkles.

Then on Sunday we had a small family gathering at a resturaunt. I did a cake especially for that a train theme one.

Jaedyn my boy your now two and boy do I love everyday I spend with your cheeky ways.


Corrie said...

oh happy birthday big boy! my twins are 2 next week and its such a big milestone!
love the green cake face - my kids dream dinner is pizza and cake too!!!!!!

he's a real cutie :)


Xena said...

I remember you and I being in the same due in group on EB and then crossed paths again on the sewing and quilting forums.