Monday, 24 May 2010

The fabulous Party

Yesturday we celebrated Jazynthe's 5th birthday with a fabulous party. A LOT of her friends from school were invited with a couple extras as well. The theme was Princess,Fairies and Pirates.
Which was great in itself as all the children came dressed as one of those things. Jazynthe was a fairy princess. It was also great to see one girl came dressed as a pirate and she was the best pirate there. We had a backyard full of Pirates, Princesses and Fairies. Kind of looked like it was "Treasure Island" here. especially with the pirates chasing around the fairies and pirates.

We also hired an entertainer (far less stress) who also did face painting. which in itself was amazing. She was fantastic with that and made it all look so quick and easy to do.

She then played some fantastic games with all the kids in which there was no winners or loosers. That I though was great as there is nothing worse than an upset guest and no parent in sight to console the poor child. Having her here sure made for a smooth running party I was able to make sure guests were fed and had drinks, bathroom was directed to and take photos plus talk to parents that actually stayed.

I cooked way to much food.....maybe because the kids were having so much fun they chose not to eat as much as I have seen be eaten at other parties. We have left over bolognase sauce and pasta to last several meals in the future (for those I really can not be bothered cooking nights). Plus I forgot to put out the jellies I made as well as the honey jumbles.

Jazynthe was overwhelmed with the amount of gifts she recieved I think.

The cake I had a wonderfully talented friend make was out of this world and way beyond what  had expected her to do.

Can you believe this was her first real novelty challenge cake?

The details she added was outstanding and I was floored with how great of a job she did.

We still have a lot of it left.mmmmmm yum cake all week.


mountainwildlife said...

Looks like she had a great time, and that is seriously the best kids cake I have ever seen! Amazing!

Desi said...

Looks like a great party. Awesome cake and she was so cute with her painted face and tutu. Ah how I wish I could still get away with that...without odd looks :D