Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Unflued Gas Heaters in our schools

Some of you who read my blog may be aware of the fact that Unflued Gas Heaters are currently being used in the state run schools and education facilities of New South Wales.
This is an unsafe form of heating in the fact that dangerous unseen gases are released into the rooms of where they are used. They also have been shown to have a link to Asthma and other related respitory illnesses especially in children.
I could go on forever on the subject. I'm extremely passionate about the need to have these dangerous heaters removed from our education facilities. We need to think about the health of not only our children but also the staff and volunteers.
So I'm asking that readers of this blog if you are on facebook please join the group against these heaters by going here if not on facebook please sign the online petition on this page.
Then if you could mention on your blog and or facebook page I would greatly appreciate it as too would many other families of New South Wales.


Kylie said...

Have just joined this group. Well done on your commitment to the well being of your child and the others who are still subjected to these heaters.

In Brief said...

Thankyou Kylie myself and many other families greatly appreciate it.