Thursday, 18 March 2010

Moving house!

No we are not moving house....although a bigger house on a bigger plot would be nice.
Last night we moved our Wyndotte babies who are not so much babies anymore into the big chooks area.

So far so good! there apears to be minimal pecking fom the older chooks happening. It certainly is not the same big scale hen pecking that our poor Rooster got when we first attempted to introduce him in the pen area.

The girls have certainly grown a great deal since I last blogged about Casey and Lara. Also boy has Sober Mick chnaged too. He now looks like his wearing a bad 80's bleached blonde hair do.
We will see how this new adventure now goes with hope of blogging about chicks this comming Spring. However before then we need to get some good eggs from the newer girls. I'm interested to see if the taste of eggs will be different from our other chooks eggs.


mountainwildlife said...

Wow! Sober Mick looks really strange- it's obvious it is him, but at the same time SO different! He'll still be a winner with the ladies though... ;-)

And I'm LOVING the new look blog- really fab design, and easier to read.

Desi said...

:) I love the new backdrop for your blog! I also love the die bar separation you got going on! I have to ask how you did that?

In Brief said...

Desi sorry I have no clue what you're talking about with the die bar seperation. This blog template I downloaded from a free site. If you scroll right down the bottom of my blog you will see a link in the bottom right.

Desi said...

Obviously I can not type lol. I meant idea bar, like where there is the separation and such on the side with two spots, if that makes sense!