Thursday, 18 February 2010

With in five years!

I've been meaning to write this kind of list for a while now. I've never come up with a list like this before. So before I turn 40 I'd love to achieve as much of the list as I can possibly achieve. fingers crossed I do the entire list.

1. Visit Uluru (always wanted to visit the big rock and the area around, I feel a great pull to go there)
2. Visit Broome in storm season. So much want to see how beautiful this area is suppose to be especially when lightning is cracking across the sky.
3. Skydive
4. Learn to rollerskate well enough to be able to form or join a roller derby team
5. Living on my own property where I don't have to think about the impact on a rental for my dream of being as self effecient as possible
6. Travel outside Australia
7. Geat my motorcycle licence
8. Own and ride a Harley
9. travel across Australia via rail on the Indian Pacific

That should do it!
Ambitious maybe but got to aim high to achieve greatness.

1 comment:

Desi said...

OMG I wanna be a roller girl! I wish we lived closer lol we could do it together. I am a good skater and have my own skates!!!!