Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A handsome cockeral and gorgeous girls.

Time has gone by rather quickly in our home. So much has been happening but I have been slack on the photo taking so blog in turn is neglected.

My little girl has started school and my baby boy has started care for two days a week. I had bit of a cry about both, lucky for me a good friend was out in the car park to give me a hug after he was droped of for his first day.

We have had heavy rain for over a week since the huge hail storm, so much rain was comming down that we had a creek running down one side of the yard through the chicken run (lucky they could go to higher ground in the hutch. the chicks on the other hand had to be rescued and taken indoors to keep from being drowned.

The chicks have grown a lot since my lost blog on them. Casey is looking splended with fantastic colouring. Lara is still not so clear in colouring but she still is looking gorgeous.

the handsome boy among them is looking rather handsome. His starting to assert himself a lot more now. Although he does run of every now and then from the girls. He has been crowing a small amount. Not a clear crow but is crowing. What makes it all very funny is Lucy tries to crow herself, all in an effort to try and keep as the boss. Too bad it's not working as well anymore.

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mountainwildlife said...

They are looking great! Casey's lacing might open up a bit when she starts moulting (my BG did that, more re-inventions than Madonna that one) But she is a very pretty soft blue anyway, and nice to have the 2 chicks different I think.
Nice to see Sober Mick again, and making an effort to rule the roost!