Saturday, 9 January 2010

A morning out

This morning I woke thinking I'd go for a spot of shopping but soon after being up for a while I ditched that idea in favour of taking the family to Scenic World up at Katoomba.  We have been living up here in the mountains now for five years come the 20th. When we first moved up here Scenic World was still being rebuilt and brought up to modern safety standards. we have done nearly every other typical tourist thing up here but take the Scenic World visit. When we left we did not let the kiddies know where or what we were doing, this of course brought about a number of questions from Jazynthe who will find any excuse to talk at the moment plus if she gets to use a large number of words all the better as far as she is concerned.
We decided to take the Valley return tour, for this you catch the railway down then go for a lovely walk and take the Cableway back up the mountain.

The view of the railway from the bottom

This is what you ride in down the mountain side
The railway itself is down a very steep incline and at some points makes your heart flutter a little faster, Jaedyn did not like this and cried a small cry the whole way down. He was perfectly fine as soon as we got of the railway. Jazynthe thought it was great and actually had a little laugh when we wwent through the tunnel section.

The view over Jamison Valley from the railway platform.
Once at the bottom we decided to take the walk that was about a half our walk.This was the LilliPilli link. We would have like to have taken the longer Yellow Robin Link walk but knew Jaedyn would kick up bit of a stink over being stuck in the carrier for about an hour.

Along the way is some beautiful scenery. Plus I learned something new. I never knew that there once was coal and shale mining in Katoomba. There you go you learn something new everyday!

The view up one of the cliff faces

Mushroom growing from an old dead tree

A birds nest I spotted along the way
I love living in the mountains not only because of the quietness, community but to live in a National Park like the Blue Mountains where your surrounded by natural wonders and beauty is indescribable.

This was the view from the cablecar. You can see the Three Sisters to the left.

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mountainwildlife said...

Great pics Xena, I love the boardwalk down there too. Not surprised Jaedyn cried- I nearly always scream! It is the steepest railway in the world! The new cable that goes across is great too, glass floor- not for those scared of heights!