Sunday, 3 January 2010

Garden and chookens update!

Well we are three days into the new year and I'm proud to say the section of the garden that is all mine is thriving. Hopefully that will be a sign of the year to come in my adventures in the garden.

In my little section I have tomatoes seven plants in total plus a number of basil scattered between those.

Two capsicum plants and a chilli plant in another row.

Then I have two wonderfull eggplants that are doing splendedly. It seems evreytime I go for a good look there are more fruit and the previous found ones have grown greatly.

I'm bit of a relaxed gardener, although I do like my vegies and fruit to be in neat rows and they get a decent amount of water I only check on fruiting etc once or twice a week and weed when I only can really be bothered. Weeding probably gets a good going over once every two weeks or so. Though I do talk to my plants and tell them how wonderful they look and thank them just about every time I pick vegies or fruit from them.
I also have a few leeks growing really well in there, Brian could never get his leeks even to the size mine currently are.

Then we have a few strawberries although only two have fruit the third is lush and green with larhe leaves. So we may see really decent sized fruit on that one.

The kids love it out in the various vegie patches. Jaedyn loves the snail traps mostly but will sit in the dirt and play for ages. His now taken to trying to water things with Jazynthe's watering can. Jazynthe loves to weed and move the compost about.

Jazynthe has her own little garden with a couple of plants in it by her cubby house up the back of the yard.She loves it to bits although during the hot spell a couple of weeks ago she forgot to water it and the peas all died.

The chookens are doing really well with us now getting four eggs most days with three maybe once a week. I am hoping to get to some baking today as over the last few days the eggs have really built up in the fridge.
Lucy loves to forage about in our open compost bin (it's lid went missing a long time ago, I think it got broken and blown about in a storm a few years ago).

I finally was able to pick two of the chooks up yestuday without Jazynthe's help.In the past they have run of everytime I bend down to them. Even when they come racing up to me when they are foraging about in the yard. The area under the mulbrry tree and around our composting area seems to be their favourite areas to scratch about in. It's also hilarious to watch them try and fight over snails and slugs that get thrown into them. This is one of Jazynthe's favourite things to do. She loves going hunting for treats for them about the yard and throw them in so she can watch the wing flapping,running about and noise the ensues.

I'm patiently waiting for the go ahead to go pick up the rooster from Mountainwildlife and to be able to go buy the matching hen. She has been raisng some Wyndotte's and has two roosters from the batch o eggs that hatched and I'm going to be taking one of her hands. Then watching the girls and their boys antics after that will be rather interesting I think.

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