Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Our tree!

Each year we buy our Christmas tree from the local RFS ( Rural Fire Service for those not in New South Wales or Australia) unit. We live in a high bush fire danger zone. Across the road is one house between us and dense bush, two house between us and the bush down the street. Behind us not so close but you only need to go within the bush about 100 metres in any direction and it's National Park bush land. In the three years we have been in this house we have been on standby once. Standby is the old term for when you need to be ready to leave your home at anytime and leave the area as the fire is to close to your home.
Plus having Brian work in the State Operations Office it makes the need to support our local service even more aparent.
So anyway on Saturday jazynthe and I went and picked up a tree at the base it did seem like a pretty decent looking tree, then we had to lop of a fair amount from the bottom so it would fit inside our house. So noe we have a lop sided spindly thing. It makes it look even worse with the fact we had to keep decorations out of reach of Jaedyn's little hands as they kept going astray.

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becanne said...

Wow - flashback!
Looks just like the ones we had when I was little!