Friday, 4 December 2009

Little skirt and the end is nigh...

Late last night I came up with an idea for a skirt so I toddled of into my studio. yes I have studio now....more about that in another blog post.
I have to admit the skirt idea had been swishing about the murky waters of my brain for a little while now, but the full design idea finally came to a head last night.

Need to tweek it a little then it will move from being a skirt to sew up for Jazynthe to one that will become one of my Jazyjae's items.
It's a full skirt with an under skirt to make it more full in shape and add another contrast.

She got to wear it today to playgroup. Much to her excitement. She loves the skirt and has since requested to have one made in some guitar print I have.

Today's playgroup was her final official day of laygroup before she heads of to big school next year. Next week is the Christmas party then that's it no more playgroup for my little girl.


Vik said...

That is so cute!

Cascade Lily said...

Cute skirt :) It's hard to believe our little girls are growing up so fast!