Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Birthday Fat Quarters....what I did recieve!

First of a big thankyou to those who participated throughout the entire year and sent out their fat quarters to everyone on the list.
It was great being able to go buy fabrics for other people outside of your usual buying trends.
The other great thing was seeing little parcels of squishyness turn up in my letter box.

One I recieved ages ago and it's gone walk about so Sam I apologise for not having a photo of your little trains you sent me.

One person went above and beyond the call of duty in what she sent me. I could not believe my luck to have recieved such wonderful goodies from Kylie.

Both the above fabrics have a purpose put aside for them already. Jazynthe has a top I bought fom Ingrid of LottieLuLu a while back. I will make her shorts or a skirt with the sailor fabric in it. Jaedyn will get a pair of PJ's with the nursery rhyme fabric. There was a little pair of scissors in there too, but I used them last night and forgot to add them in the photo. How did she know I really needed another pair. The mag has a couple of things inside that look like inspiration.

Also look what else included a Dick and Jane it love love it.

This is what Bec sent me. Very cute children. Some vintage buttons and she has been paying attention to this blog and sent me a bit of Holly Hobbie fabric.

To the left the buttons, animal print and cowboys were from Kristi, The white vehicals were from Caryn and the blue vehicals was from Kimberly.

Thanks Girls!


Kylie said...

Glad you liked them Xena. Don't think it was above and beyond given that:
a.) it was over a week late
b.) you organised the swap.
Thanks for doing so, it was great fun!

becanne said...

Love those car prints.
Thanks again from me too.

inkie-mumma said...

yay you got it! I'm so glad. Thanks for organising it! It maded my birthday so exciting.