Sunday, 11 October 2009

Visiting Blackheath

Today we took a drive up to Blackheath. Just a short drive away and even on the most dreary of days is a nice little drive up there.
First up we went by Ribbons and Rainbows on Govetts Leap Rd. Ribbons and Rainbows is a lovely little quilting shop in a little cottage. Not only do they sell a great range of quitling fabrics but also a range of buttons, trims, ribbons and embroidery needs. I have found some great fabrics over time in there and the ladies that work there are just so lovely and friendly. The ladies are always up for a chat and love it when little kids come in too.

This time round I bought a few more fabrics for the doll quilt for the EB swap and also some more Gingerbread man fabric. I plan on using the gingerbread man fabric for patches on some of my tote-ing-along bags.
After finishing up at Ribbons and Rainbows we went of to the Blackheath Growers market. I went a little nuts in there as I do any time I come across local produce that tastes sooooooo good. The hall is full of produce and ready made jams etc all made from produce grown in the Hawkesburry area. This time around I went and bought some Chai Tea, Lime Chilli spread, heirloom tomatoe mix, strawberries and duck sausages. Jazynthe had some fudge bought for her.....not happy about the chocolate content of it but how can you deny a 4yr old something just because it does not meet up to Mummies standards. Daddy would have bought it anyway.

Then outside there is a guy with tables and tables full of seedlings. All the seedling are in large seed raising trays, the type that has an individual spot for each seed. There are empty seed raising trays the small type that have 6-8 slots in it. You use one of the butter knives he has there to pry out what ever seedling you like and place it into the seed tray you pick up. One little tray casts $4.50. What a bargain and they all are good healthy seedlings unlike the ones you find in your nursery that maybe half are in good strong health. I found it a lot of fun to go around prying out my little seedlings. We also ran into Mountain wildlife family whilst in there too.

This afternoon in the break in the weather I planted the seedlings throughout the garden. In there are some beets, chard, cucumber, watermelon, celery, onion chives, basil, banana capsicum and I think I got a celeriac too.

Tonight for dinner I cooked something from Homemade. Sausage bake very yummy indeed!


mountainwildlife said...

Ah, Blackheath... my spiritual home if not yet my residential one!
The markets are great too :)

Cascade Lily said...

We're loving the sausage bake here too. Have you tried the Speedy Chook yet? It's also great :)

JazyJae's said...

No not yet might be added to this fortnights menu plan though. Going through recipe books tonight to plan ahead.