Wednesday, 14 October 2009

OK I'm a little naughty

Yes I missed a day of Blogtoberfest yesturday. I think I can be forgiven seen as I have done a few double post so fay anyway.
Today was grocery shopping day. Most of our shopping is done through a local co-op up in Katoomba. So not much else happened today or even yesturday. Jaedyn is not well he has a bad cold and is in a grumpy mood a lot of the time so His needing lots of cuddles which I'm glad too do. Just means the house is very an absolute mess.

With a wipes cover on her head
Jazynthe is bored bored bored all the time so out comes the trying 4yr old behaviour. I think it's partly she just wants it to be next year already so she can go to school. Speaking of which I found some school shoes today for her at St. Vinnies for only $3. They don't look like they ever were worn. Definately a huge bargain there.

Grosby bargain shoes

At St.Vinnies I also bought myself a jar of buttons. Some really really big ones in there.

Jazynthe has taken a shine to getting the camera and taking all sorts of pictures. Many are close up pictures of objects. She tells me this is because that's how I take photos of the things I sew and she loves those photos.

Can you guess what was on the telly when she grabbed the camera tonight?

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Virginia said...

Nice! I love the random pictures that kids take with cameras. I ended up finding an "indestructible" one for my daughter.