Tuesday, 27 October 2009

EB DQS3 Progress

This is where I am at on my quilt for the swap. I know I want to quilt in the tree and the leaves but I'm not too sure on anything else for it.
Need advice please. I've never done more than in the ditch in the past apart from straight lines side by side withing a block.

All the leaves have been hand embroidered with the vines of the leaf as the stitching. All 60 of them....that took a while and I couldn't do to much at a time as my fingers would cramp up. Due to my slight arthritis in my hands.

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Cascade Lily said...

swirls would be good, but since they might be too hard, here's a link to something that might work: http://saffroncraig.com/_blog/Saffrons_Blog/post/New%E2%80%94Owl_Nesting_Quilt_Kit/ Look at the second picture...