Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday's are made for Garage Sales!

This morning I decided to take Jazynthe for a drive up to Katoomba so I could browse through the Op Shops. Also if I passed in garage sales along the way I could stop in and check it out.
What a Fab. idea that was!
At Wentworth Falls there was the Rotary Garage Sale that gets held every now and then at the Pub on the highway. There I found some vintage Golden Books and a set of four chairs. Great set, one I have been keeping my eye out for. I really love the fifties style kithenette table and chairs. All I need is a table now to make it all go together so nice.Chairs and books were only $10. Bit of a clean up and they will look fab.

I'll be using the chairs in my studio/sewing space I'm about to set up in the unused garage space. I won't have to move a chair around the different spots. Now I have one for my sewing,overlocking and paper/button craft areas.

At the thrift stores I walked out with a bunch of vintage tea towels, they are in the washing machine so will blog about them and the table cloths I found as well.

When I got back home found that the man across the road with chickens had given us a dozen freshly laid eggs.

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