Friday, 26 June 2009

Micheal Jackson rest in peace!

Well this morning I woke to the news that Micheal Jackson was dead.
All speculation and no actual confirmation he was dead. It was all over the net and on the TV.
When I left for playgroup this morning the reports were mixed.
Then when I got into my car to head home the news came on that yes infact he was dead.

Tears are welling up as I do this blog entry. Although I have not been into his music as much in recent years I really loved him as a kid. I have many fond memories of being in my bedroom with his album "The Wall" playing and holding a Rippa Skippa as my mic singing along. Also watching his videos and trying to imatate the moves.
Put aside his personal life and you have a great man who was a wonderful entertainer and has influenced more than one generation of artists and music lovers.
Hope you rest in peace Micheal.

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