Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Oven!

Two weeks ago on Monday night our oven finally went to the oven heaven in a bit of a dramatic way.
Brian was in the midst of cooking dinner turned on the oven to put a vegie bake in.He had the grill on with the sausages cooking away.
Oven and house power fizzed out. The oven had flipped the safety switch and coontinued to do so.

So next day we contacted the real estate and they got onto it straight away. Even if the electrician didn't get of his but and not come till Thursday.
On Saturday whilst I was busy with my market stall he cam and installed it.
Just a new model of the old one but it's so shiny and clean. The oven is actually bigger so now my cookie trays will fit in.
So last night I cooked the first full meal entirely in the oven. I think it's going to take a few tries of different things to get things right.After cooking so long on a crappy falling apart one working out the little tweeks is a bit of hit and miss currently.

I cooked a chicken with garlic and a sage and lemon butter. Along side potatoes tossed in lemon juice and a mix of herbs and sweet potato in olive oil and mixed herbs.

Yummo with my special gravy with a secret ingredient that gives it a bit of a sweet tang.

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