Saturday, 9 May 2009

Couldn't if I tried!

Much earlier than it is now at this midnight hour whilst kidlets were awake, a rather flukey thing happened. I had Jaedyn down on the floor crawling around and trying to distract him from mischef. He had been trying to get under the computer desk to get at the wires hanging down.
So I turned to sift through his toys and had been randomly pulling some out and tossing down on the floor in various places. All to get him away from dangerous cords. I picked out his Monster Alien made by snailblazer and being a little softie just tossed it over my shoulder.
When i turned around after the quick sort through I noticed the little softie Jack had landed not on the floor but wedged between the computer table and the office chair. Sitting the right way as if he was at the computer himself.

Well I could bet a million dollars that if I tried to do this again it would never happen.

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