Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My little girl is 4 today!

To think that four years ago exactly as I type this blog entry I was in the fianl stages of labour with my little girl.

She has grown so much and become a character and a sweetheart.

Has the ability to just laugh for the sake of laughing even more so if she realises that her little brother gets enjoyment from it.

Can entertain herself with as little has a stick or a pocket full of gumnuts. Enterains the Mum next door regularly with her singing at the top of her lungs in the backyard.
Jazynthe's favourite colours are blue and purple.
Loves to help with just about anything domestic especially in the kitchen.
Insists that the lyrics to Midnight Oil's "The Power and The Passion" are actually Theeeee powaaaaah and the pawsion.
Loves to wear odd socks.
Squeels with delight everytime I sew something for either her or Jaedyn and thanks me for both.
Loves to tell everyone about Jaedyn "His my little brother and he doesn't have any teeth yet".

Is looking forward to going to big school next year when she is bigger.

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Dani said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie, hope you had a wonderful day.