Thursday, 28 May 2009

Jazynthe's birthday gifts!

Finally the camera downloaded the photos from the last week. So I can now do blog updates.

Jazynthe's birthday went by in the blink of an eye, mostly due to her day being spent at Pre-School then Daddy at work.
She certainly was very pleased with what she recieved from the various gift givers.

First of from me I made her a pencil roll and a softie bunny. Money was very tight this year so a few gifts only this year. She did not care! Jazynthe especially loved the bunny.

From Dad she got a bike. The bike was a hard rubbish rescue. A coat of paint and new handles and a couple of accesories and it looked fab. She thought it was amazing and has ridden it at every oportunity.

From Nanna (Brian's mum) she got a couple of water paint books.

She also got to take a stack of cupcakes to pre-school to share with her friends for afternoon tea. Apparently they were a big hit and all the kids there that day loved them.

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