Saturday, 4 April 2009

What a vinatge haul!

What do you think you could get for $12 these days?
Not much really unless of course your a seasoned thrifty shopaholic like myself. Todays not so little haul was found in two locations 20m within one another. I'd taken Jazynthe down to Springwood Foundation Day festival. This is an annual event but more about that in another post when I figure out how to get the photos of my phone. Yes once again I went of to a day out and forgot the camera.
All the shops down there (well the majority) had little store extensions out the front of their shopfronts.
After inspecting what the street stalls had and not much sad to say....a lot of cheaply made crap and way too many Turkish food stalls.
I took us of to see what the most devine store in Springwood had and that was of course Frou Frou. Out the front they had two racks of clothes for $5 a piece. I snapped up a purple number with flowers. Not sure just yet if I'll keep it as is or split it into at least a top and also possibly a skirt. Will wait to see how I like it fiting on a less bloaty day. I also snapped up a green with white checks scarf for $3.

I then went and checked out the church jumble sale. This is where I raked in the goods, I reackon if I had shown up sooner I would have walked out of there with a few more bags of goodies.
For $4 leaving my purse I was able to take away a loaf tin,lamington tray, two round cake tins, three mini cupcake trays a small mixing bowl and a srving bowl made of milk glass with green maple leaf print. I was dragged out of there by a "starving" child.

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