Friday, 3 April 2009

Baking Yummo!

I've been on bit of a buz for baking of late. Always loved cooking but baking from scratch has been bit of a oh hum thing till recently.
On Wednesday night I baked the first couple of treats for the week.
I decided to bake a Oatmeal Raspberry slice with hidden spinach. This came from Jessica Seinfeld's book Deceptively Delicious. The recipe calls for Blueberry Jam but I always change it around between Blueberry,Straberry and Raspberry. Depends on what I lay my hands on when grocery shopping. Before you say yuck to spinach in a sweet slice hold on a tick as you actually don't notice it at all. So if your kiddies won't eat spinach or other vegies get the book and try out especially the desserts and sweet things.

I also cooked up some Currant and orange glazed muffins. Your suppose to do cupcakes but I rarely do those little ones I don't see the point in those for some cakes. These are really yum even though I cooked them just a tad too long. I found this recipe in a Womens Weekly Cakes and Slices book.

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