Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Family Holiday at last!

We were first meant to go on a family holiday back in September last year. However with the health issues we were having with Jaedyn that was canceled. Brian could not get the time of again for a while to take a decent holiday. Although we do still really want that....maybe not too far away.
So in compromise we had started talking of having a short getaway for a couple of days in the middle of a rotating roster break of his. When I saw on Lilly's blog a beautiful holiday park not that far from where we have camped a few times, I thought that looks great. So checked out online the wonderful holiday park and it was then I thought yes we must take our break there. After consulting the roster we booked the holiday a few days later.
It would have been great if we could have gone just one more night as it was probably too short to make it a real break away.

We stayed in one of their non river side two bedroom cabins. On one side of the cabin was a beautiful flowering plant. Wish I knew the name as the flowers were so lovely.

We got down on the Sunday and Jazynthe was so happy to be there after having been counting down the days for two weeks since she was told we were to have a little holiday. When she saw we were so close to a river she could not wait to be able to go for a walk along it.
As you must do when you head to near Batemans Bay is you must eat Seafood we got ourselves 2 dozen oysters and a rather large fish fillet ( I for the life of me can not remember what we bought).

I also proved that holiday's with cloth nappies are very easy and not a nightmare at all.

We went of to Mogo Zoo on the Monday. I really mulled this over ever since the ill fated shooting of one of their Lionesses. I was none too pleased to hear about it. The protester part of me really wanted to boycott but the mum in me kept saying no take the kids they will love it. In the end mummy instinct won out. Jazynthe ran about from exhibit to the next so excited about it all. If we took too long according to her at one she would stand there clapping her hands and motioning for us to hurry up (the cheeky little thing). This is the second time we have visited the zoo, last time was nearly 2 1/2yrs ago and Jazynthe loved it then just as much. On par with our last visit a little sun shower came down at the almost exact spot we were in last time and the skies opened up.
After the zoo we went and browsed around the little town of Mogo. In one of the quaint little stores I found the most delightful embroidered tablecloth. Snapped that up for $15. Will blog the pics of it another time as I am yet to wash it. Rather blog fresh crisp tablecloth.
After all that we headed back to the park for a relaxing afternoon there. Time was spent down at the river of which Jazynthe did at first try to swim out into the middle of the river. It was after a little swimming she realised she was not going to get out there as easily as she first thought.

Jaedyn found it to be squeely fun to squish in the river bed with his feet.

Then we had fun at the jumping pillows. Of course I jumped on one like the big kid I am with Jazynthe. She thought it was very funny that I was on there and could not believe I was jumping so high. Boy that tired me out quick though.

After that we headed into the pool area. Which is a kids paradise with so much fun interactive water play. Both Jazynthe and Jaedyn loved it in this area. then again they both seem to love anything water related especially Jaedyn.

Unfortunately Tuesday was time to pack up and go home. In hindsight probably great idea seen as overnight the weather had gone from glorious to the most terrible downpoors. It just poored all night. When I woke on Tuesday I was so thankful we were not one of the unfortunate families camping it out in tents.


Mands said...
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Mands said...

I love the south coast for holidays! The flowers are hibiscus

Emma said...

I love that last photo of Jaedyn! We went to Mogo Zoo when we lived in Canberra - quite a surprise find at the time! Oh, and the flower is a hibiscus.