Friday, 6 March 2009

OK I have jumped onto the unfortunately band wagon. Just google "Unfortunately yourname" and see what appears!

Many of mine are from the Xena:Warrior Princess Series.

"Unfortunately Xena still cannot forgive herself, but she is back on the right track and she is much wiser now."
Glad to hear that!

Unfortunately, Xena is several feet away breathing through a hollow reed.
Better watch out for me hiding behind those reeds now!

Unfortunately, Xena is attacked everywhere she goes, but this is the work of Ares, who comes to tell Xena at the end that he'll stop at nothing to prevent her from reaching Gabrielle.

Unfortunately, Xena’s mother did not recover from her injuries and thus Xena became an orphan.
Please sir can I have some more!
Unfortunately Xena’s wounds are too great and she dies.
"Unfortunately, Xena had been hit by a boat a few days ago," Ross said.
Now my dead father is in on it!

Unfortunately, Xena entered first, grabbing my double-barrel crossbow.
I'm just too quick!

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