Saturday, 7 March 2009

Hello my name is xena and......

I'm a fabric addict! I've been fabriaholic for about two years now and my addiction gets worse everytime I go to a fair. All those stalls of fabric neatly folded into fat quarters all so nicely packed into rows just waiting to be fondled. My problem is once I touch I just have to have it.

As I run my fingers down the rows and rows of fabric like a bunch of fat rolls on a baby so squishy to touch and just as soft my heart skips a beat every time. I can't help myself I pull one out then another then another.

Today it was Craft Fest that intoxicated me. I walked through those big doors and was bedazzled walked around with glazed eyes spent money.Was only distracted by Jazynthe who herself seems to be falling for the same addiction (only she is yet to have the access to the money to buy).

Once I got home and pulled out my buys I realised oh dear look at it all.

All 24 of them 3 were randoms thrown (don't know hat I'm going to do with very American theme ones)in the two bundles tied together at one stall.

Wish I knew the name of this robot lot.
Also bought a Hungry Caterpillar panel.

Not shown in these pics is a bunch of ribbons and ric racs I also purchased and a pattern to make Jaedyn a soft alphabet book and wall frieze.

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Caryn said...

What a lovely selection of fabrics. I so jealous. I've brought the robot print and made a taggie ball and blanket from it and there's a piece left over somewhere? Cant remember what its called thou.