Saturday, 21 March 2009

First Sewing lesson!

The other night Jaedyn had his first sewing lesson of sorts.

His always been mesmerised by the sewing machine. Even in the womb, I'd be in front of the machine and he would wake up a move about inside. Now if he is awake when I am sewing he stops what ever he is doing and either sits there or lays there watching. So when the usual hypnotisation happened I scooped him up grabbed a bit of scrap fabric and showed him how it all goes. He straight away put his hands on the fabric and watched as it was pulled through. After it had finished he let out a squeal.


Emma said...

Too cute!

Karen said...

That's adorable Xena - my two older girls always sit and 'make' items at the OL if I am on the sewing machine.
I never worry about sewing outside Miss G's door - the sound of the machines must be very familiar to her too!