Friday, 27 March 2009

The Anna Smock delight!

As previously mentioned in my post about out family day out I bought Jazynthe an Anna Smock. She chose it out herself. I had at first chose the same one without her seeing, but then decided it would be better if she chose one herself. She went through them all and decided on the same one I had. So either I have influenced her tastes greatly or she just loves the same things I do by chance.
She loves it soo much and could not wait till she could wear it. She wore it briefly yesturday till I got her to do some modeling of my things for me for photos.
She then wanted to wear it again today only with the alternate side showing. I did not get to take a photo of her wearing it with the cute sailor girls showing. She looks a bit ruffled out now for me to get a nice photo.
Thanks so much to Ingrid for such beautiful work on a cute little top. Well worth the money.

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