Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jazynthe's Bug quilt progress!

Well I have finally started on Jazynthe's bug themed quilt. Just as I was about to start cutting the fabric Jazynthe decided she did not like my design. She declared that it was too messy and just wanted plain squares using all the fabrics I had selected. I made a comprimise and re-designed it to have squares made up of strips of fabric.
So far I have cut the strips.As I was cutting the plain aqua I realised the new design needed more (the previous one only needed 1/2 a metre) I have found I am 8 inches short. I went down to Spotlight at Penrith yesturday to buy more and they had none in stock and won't be for at least two weeks.

So anyway I went ahead and pieced most of the blocks together. I can't believe the small pile of fabric I cut up will make a king single sized quilt.

I'm hoping I can get my hands on more aqua before the Penrith store gets any in. So if anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

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