Sunday, 22 February 2009

Grand Dinning

Last night my lovely husband took me out for dinner. The first time we have been able to get out since September 2005.
We went to The Carrington in Katoomba and ate in their Grand Dinning Room.
It was a lovely room with a man playing a Baby grand piano.
The food looked so lovely I could not resist taking a photo using Brian's phone.
For Entree I ate a Salmon Pillow and Brian had the soup did not take a photo of the soup it was a bowl of soup with toasted bread on the side.
The Salmon Pillow was just lovely melted in your mouth.

I also ordered a cocktail called "The Lady Carrington" which was Sparkling wine,orange scnaps and orange juice. Brian had a Brandy Alexander.
For main I had The rack of Lamb and Brian had the beef tenderloin.
We had a side order of vegetables also.
The rack of lamb was slightly on the chewy side but tasted really nice with great strong flavours.

For dessert I some how fitted in the Vanilla Bean Pana Cota which was so beautiful and just the most gorgeous tasting dessert.

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