Sunday, 15 February 2009

Haberdashery Swap

One of a few swaps I am participating in at the moment is a haberdashery swap organised by Karen (littlefeet) of EB. My swap partner sent to me a lovely package that had to sit up on my shelf for over a week trying to tempt me to open it.
The lovely LittleBT sent me a very cute lot. This was her first swap that she has participated in and she did very well I think. I am afraid I may have in my post on EB made it seem I was unhappy with what she sent me. Far from it actually.
As you can see by the pics she sent me the latest issue of Homespun.I love this issue as it's full of great vintage inspired kids things.(Unknown to her I already had this issue, so will keep it and save for a future giveaway on here.)I would put aside my previous copy but I've written notes to myself in it.
She also sent some lovely trim, buttons and two fat quarters of very cute fabrics. The car one I love and want to find it to buy enough to make some boys pants or shorts.

I forgot to take pics of what I sent Natalie(buggirl).

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Karen said...

I love that car fabric too - was hunting some down to use for my clothing swap but seeing it in the fleshit didn't suit the project as the pattern was too large scale.
It's by Alexander Henry and it's called traffic jam if you want to hunt it down!