Sunday, 11 January 2009

Rather large blog to catch up.

Soooo busy of late plus i seem to be struggling with the concept of time still for the days being longer sunlight happening. Time just seems to get away with me and I forget all about blogging.
So first up would be Jaedyn's naming day which was now just over a month ago.
It started out a lovely day with great weather. We held it down at Euroka Clearing which is in the Blue Mountains National park right near Glenbrook.

It was great spot we chose as we later discovered that there was a whole lot of butterflies flying in just that small area. The older kids that were there spent a great deal of time catching them in their hands. They didn't need to try hard at all to attract them into their hands.
It was disapointing that the only family member from Brian's side of the family that turned up was his eldest Skye even if it was with her idiot boyfriend and they were stupid enough to bring a dog with them.

The ceremony went well. We chose our good friends Mel and Jason as Jaedyn's mentors.
After we put on a lightish lunch with cold meats, a range of salads and bread rolls.
The cake I ordered from Michelle's Patisserie. I was thinking of making it but was not 100% sure I could get it done in time and to a standard I would have been satisfied with. Very happy with the choice.

Just as we were all eating the yummy cake out of nowhere came a huge thunderstorm so most hands on deck for mad packing up of everything.No real order came from that for shoving everything into the car. Just as we were finishing packing evreything my silly sister backed her car into a tree. Yes a big huge gum tree. Her excuse the rear window was all fogged up. Well if you can't see out your back window don't back up is what I have to say to that.There was plenty of room to drive forward and turn your car around that way.
Next up Christmas.
This year we built Jazynthe a great little kitchen as her major present from us. We roped in Jaedyn's "mentor" Jason to help with the construction of it. Brian is not much of a builder type. I found the plans for it in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens a while ago.

It took four days to do from very start to finish. Mind you they were only a few hours on each of the first two for the construction. The painting however was a tedious and long task.

Jazynthe loves it to bits. It currently resides in the lounge till we can get help moving it into her room. the thing is very heavy and BIG.
I made the choice a while ago to make everybodies gifts this year. Stupid me did not take photos of anything I gave that went out of this house. hopefully the recipents at some point will share pics with me at some point.
I made appliqued shirts for 3 kids. A pencil roll for another. A dress for a little 1yr old. Little totes and hair clips for three girls. A notebook holder filled with a notebook and various types of pens for another older girl.For adults I made coasters. For my Mum she got Christmas teddie pot holders.

Jazynthe also got made for her an apron,oven mit and dish cloth set. I bought her a toy fridge of ebay.
For Jaedyn I made a taggie blankie. A couple of bibs.

I was lucky enough to recieve a voucher to buy up at Virginia Quilter. From which I bought some fabric to be used in Jazynthe's bug theme quilt which will go on her bed in her newly painted room.

The room was done last week. it went from rather drab and boring to so bright and great. There are still a few minor details to be added.
I hope I have not missed anything as I can't really think of anything else that needs to be blogged.
i hope to actually blog Jaedyn's 6mth blog seen as I missed the 3mth one. I hope to do quarterly blogs on his progress and doings.

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