Sunday, 11 January 2009

De-clutter of the kitchen

This week has been busy for me in the way of de-clutter.

I have cleaned out my bathroom and scrubbed it down floor to ceiling.
Cleaned out my linen press and also made a big start on the main bedroom. The bedroom will be completed when we repaint and decorate it in the coming weeks.

The big project was the kitchen. My kitchen most of the time looks like a disaster area as it's so limited on bench space.

So through my hard work I actually created a little more bench space.
It took three days of good work as I really cleaned it right out.

Probably would have taken less had I not been also re-decorating Jazynthe's room and looking after kids two days this week.
I threw out from the kitchen alone two garbage bags of mess and broken things. Donated to the Salvation Army two big boxes of things I no longer use but someone else may.
The bathroom had 1/2 a garbage bag of just mess this included make up items and personal care things that I have been hamging onto for probably close to ten years.
I donated to the Salvos 4 bags of my own clothes, shoes and accesories.
Looking at my kitchen now I can't believe the transformation.


Michelle4 said...

Looks great Xena, feels good to finish a project hey.

Leah said...

Well done - love empty surfaces :) and never have them here...