Monday, 3 November 2008

Bloomin' Marvelous

Of late it seems just about everytime I step into my backyard and have a wander around there are more flowers.
With all the rain followed by sunny days plants are flourishing and blooming in all their glory. There are also many friendly creatures for a great garden about too. We have the odd pest but they are taken care of by the various native birds or good pest. The dogs keep away snakes it seems as we in the two and a bit years we have lived at this house to see one. Our neighbours aparently are not so lucky. Next door has had a few Brown snakes in their yard. Other neighbours have seen Tiger Snakes and on one occasion a Red Belly Black Snake was seen darting across the road (but that was right up the top of our 1km long road).
Today Brian went up to the hardware store to buy some bird netting to keep pesky birds from eating our various fruits that we have. We are lucky enough to have a Peach tree that has started to bare some fruit. We are hoping that after the decent pruning it recieved at the end of last years fruiting season that it actually is tasty fruit this year.

Last year our Passion Fruit Vine only bore two Passion Fruits and they were eaten by either birds or possums. This year however I believe many will be able to be picked as long as the bird netting does it's job and the possums keep away from them. There are too many flowers to count. Some of which have already bloomed then the flower has died away to start fruiting. There are still many to bloom and some are in that process now.Hmmm yummy pancakes with ice-cream and passion fruit or lots of yummy Pavalova's to be eaten soon.

One of the many lovely bugs that inhabit the vine.

It seems also out of nowhere wheat has come up in the middle of one of our vegetable patches. This one came up right near our Curry Plant and some Leeks.

Our Calandula has come back as well with one solitary flower at present.

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