Saturday, 1 November 2008

Fabric purchases plus other goodies!

Yesturday I went to the Quilt Indulgence and Paer Craft Festivile. The Paper craft had many stalls but hardly any projects on show. The quilt area had hardly any stores but plenty of quilts on display.Some of which were very lovely and inspiring.
I did manage to spend plenty of money anyway.
I went looking for things to use to make the invitations for Jaedyn's naming day was particularly looking for some nice velum to do the printing part on. There was not one sheet of velum at any of the paper craft stalls. I did manage to find some nice ribbons.

Not sure which to use as yet but swaing to the baby blue ones to match the brads I found.
I have had an idea in my head for a while to decorate a wooden letter J for each of the kids rooms. I managed to come across ones I liked yesturday. The ones in Spotlight just are not up to scratch of what I would want them to be. Jazynthe will get the wall plaque one and Jaedyn will get the shelf one. I'm thinking of doing Jaedyn's with fabric. I will do Jazynthe's with paers and embelishments of ribbons and other pretty things. All to match her room which will finally get a start on it's make over in the coming weeks.

At the only real fabric store I found some very cute Christmas fat 1/4s, when I saw them I just gushed over them and straight away thought of a couple of ideas. How could I go past using some in making the kids Christmas sacks. Jazynthe loves the red fabric. I think I will used the green one that has toys and gifts all over it for Jaedyn's it is very boyish I think ( even with the dolls).

Other fabric finds included:

Buttons and a funky pink!

Some lovely white on white snowflakes.

I have always loved the Dick and Jane range since I first saw it about a year ago. I finally bought some yesturday as well. I'm thinking the diamond print along with the orange will make a lovely vintage apron. I may change my mind several times bfore cutting it up for it's final purpose.

Another great little find was this Beatrix Potter panel. I have been looking out for one just like this. It is a cot size panel but I'm leaning towards saving it for making a single bed quilt. Then there is the thought that by the time Jaedyn will move into a single bed he may tell me he does not want this theme anymore (any ideas welcome).I won't make a wall hanging as he already has a large one. I'm planing on keeping him in his cot then junuor bed for as long as possible. As after that the bed will go into storage for a while. It does then go to being a double bed as well as a little day bed also, but that set up will only happen when we live in a house big enough to have a guest room or the kids move out.

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