Monday, 28 April 2008

PJ fun

Well I have completed two pairs of PJ's for Jazynthe with 2 more to go. Jazynthe loves them and proudly wore the pink cat ones last night.

I'm reaaly enjoying the sewing at the moment especially when Jazynthe sits there watching me sew away and shows great interest in what I am doing. Then she gets so excited over seeing the finished product especially when it's for her.

I have to remember to pack my scissors away at night. Other wise I come out in the morning to discover that Jazynthe has cut up my tape measures 2 so far. So have bought a cheap one till I get tot he craft fair down in Penrith on the weekend. Who knows how much I'll end up spending at the fair. It's bad enough everytime I walk into Spotlight or other stores I walk out having spent much more than i went in intending to buy. On Saturday I went in to buy a few notions and one colour of material. I wrote a list and all, but I still walked out with double what I intended. Damn those marked down greatly fabric with such cute and fun prints.

I'm back at TAFE tomorrow.


Belinda said...

Very cute pjs! I have made Ava some pj's in that yellow puppy one.

Great job!

Kylie said...

Tag! I'm tagging you Xena. Check out my blog for the questions. BTW, love the PJ's!