Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Finally back in the groove!

I finally got back into my whole sewing after months of nothing.

Needed to organise everything before I could move forward. I just need a good sized cupboard now to store all my fabrics and sewing needs in, instead of storage tubs and boxes all over the house.

So far in the last few days I have started a shaggy edge quilt for bubs who is on his way for July. We are doing a Beatrix Potter theme for his room. I'm currently up to the piecing stage. So many squares, so glad it's only a cot size. Once this is all done I will have finally actually finished a quilting project. There are two single bed ones on pause for now I was getting a bit frazeled out by them so decided to put away till later.

I have also made a cute little monkey softie for a little girls 3rd birthday and a pair of lovely cord pants (in this cute pink colour with funky flowers printed on it) for her little sisters 1st birthday. All I have to do now is make the cards and decorate the plain gift bags I have sitting in storage for something just like this.

Little Jazynthe will be getting some pants the same, which she is very excited about. She gets very excited about anything I make no matter if it's for her or not.

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Kylie said...

Love the look of freshly washed material on the line!