Monday, 18 March 2013

Busy Hands

The last week has been filled with keeping busy.
My crocheting has been progressing. After only giving it another go just recently I have finally got the hang of it and unlike knitting my hands don't ache easily. My left hand especially aches with arthritis and knitting really hightens this pain quickly. I can go for and hour straight with crochet before I need to give my hands a break, with knitting I only last ten minutes max.
A basket of colourful little granny's
The granny squares I am working on will go into a couple of cushions for one of my lounges. I am trying to do as many colour combinations as possible in these bright and contrast colours I picked up at Spotlight. What is left over will go into being the base start for a throw blanket.
This has been a good thing to do at the end of the day whilst watching the shows I like to watch, good to do something and not feel like I am zoning out in front of the "idiot box". Although how can watching The Hours, Paradise, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and similar shows be zone out time. The costumes are just fabulous to see; especially The Hours and Doctor Blake eras I love.
Another crafty skill I learnt about in the last week or so was The Dorset Button. I had no clue about these beautiful little things. It is an old art from yep you guessed it Dorset and the history is fascinating. How can I have not known about this wonderful creative and beautiful art till now. I came across it via The House Of Wool's Facebook page with a picture and anouncement of an upcoming class. The picture just made me go wow they are pretty I want to learn to make them. Yes I am a visual person and something catches my eye I want to know more. So I signed up straight away getting the last spot in the class. This was my first ever class in craftyness. Till now all self taught.
Mary from Two emus taught the class and was patient and a great teacher.
You start with a ring like this
I like this craft as I with my tight tension for other things can be tight as I want. It took me many hours of practice with crochet to loosen enough to make it work ok.
My first dorset button
I have decided once I have finished making up the full set I have now it is going to become a necklace. Will buy more supplies to make earings and possibly a ring to match.
Can't wait to try out other styles of weaving and to use bright colours.

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