Friday, 28 October 2011

Really has ti been that long

I have been reading others blogs but did not realise till now how slack I have been on my own blog.
Hmmmmmmm really need to change that.
Well there has been a lot happening. First up I have changed from Uni study to TAFE study to gain my diploma in Community Services. Sooooooo much better than the slog of Uni via distance education.
I have still being going hard on my Roller Derby training. I passed my white star this week. YAY for me. So I can now be known by my derby name of E Lecktrick Beat-Her.

Need to have my helmet sticker redone as it was spelt wrong
The league is growing strong we have just over 50 members now with about 40 regular skaters and our fresh meat intake is about to happen again.

Some of the girls who went in the parade for Winter Magic back in June
It's been a year since my split with my husband. WOW that went quick.
I will be more vigilant I swear on this blog.

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